About Us

Meet the owners!

Brenda Keith

Brenda is Amanda and Becky's mom and Trish's sister! She is the ultimate Minnie style ambassador! She is always on trend and up on the latest in Disney fashion! Momma B keeps everyone organized, and is an expert multi-tasker!


Trish Dorsey

Trish is Brenda's sister and is the Daisy to Brenda's Minnie! She and Brenda keep us all entertained with their shenanigans and love to incorporate fun into work! Trish loves fashion and is always looking for new ways to express her style!


Amanda Carter

Amanda is a mermaid out of water! She loves Ariel and all the 90's classics! Give her a cup of Starbuck's and a caramel apple from Candy Cauldron in Disney Springs and she is happy! 


Becky Cantrell

Becky is also a 90's kid! She loves all the major fandoms and is a nerd at heart (and not at heart too). She loves the humorous side of Disney, especially Mushu!